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5 Natural Remedies for Severe Ankle Pain

Treating severe ankle pain can be a difficult task. Patients with ankle pain caused by injury should seek medical attention immediately. But what can be done at home to relieve consistent pain after an injury or from repeated stress on the joint? Here are 5 natural home remedies for treating severe ankle pain.

1. Diet – A healthy diet can lessen severe ankle pain.

The weight of our bodies on the joints can cause severe ankle pain to be even worse. By eating a healthy diet filled with nutritious, anti-inflammatory foods, you can lessen your overall weight and in turn lessen the pressure on your ankle joints. A healthy weight also helps with circulation in the legs and joints. Consider adding an appropriate supplement like glucosamine to your daily regime for increased joint health.

2. Exercise – Strengthening muscles can support the ankle.

Ankle-strengthening exercises can be performed at home. Check with your doctor or chiropractor first to make sure your ankle can support the stress of exercise before attempting an exercise routine. Swimming and water aerobics are great exercises for the joints without putting stress on your ankle. Severe ankle pain can be lessened in the future by strengthening the muscles around the joint.

3. Herbs – Natural herbs can ease swelling and decrease severe ankle pain.

Certain natural herbs and plants have been found to reduce pain and swelling in the joint. All natural coconut and garlic oils can be heated and applied to the painful area. Ginger is an amazing root with a multitude of health benefits, one of which is its anti-inflammatory benefits. Try a hot ginger compress made by soaking grated ginger root in hot water, immersing a cloth in the warm ginger water and then applying the cloth to the affected ankle. Cinnamon can also be added to this.

4. Ice Packs – Icing the swollen joint can relieve pain.

A common practice for relieving severe ankle pain is to use a cold compress, such as an ice pack. The ice helps with swelling in the affected joint, relieving severe ankle pain after one or more treatments. Although this method usually will not relieve pain permanently, it does help with immediate relief for a painful ankle.

5. Rest – Simple, natural rest will help eliminate ankle pain.

Keeping weight off the joint is a good idea for decreasing severe ankle pain. Added stress on the ankle makes the pain worse. Attempt to rest the ankle and keep your feet in an elevated position to lessen swelling. After a period of rest and other natural treatments, if your severe ankle pain persists you may want to seek help from a joint specialist or professional chiropractor.

Chiropractic Care for Severe Ankle Pain

An additional solution for treating persistent severe ankle pain is chiropractic care. When natural home remedies fail to eliminate the pain completely, chiropractic sessions may be beneficial. Studies have shown chiropractic care and joint manipulation can have nearly the same anti-inflammatory benefits as some medications.

Chiropractors can assess the entire state of the body, using a holistic approach to find out the cause of the pain. Combining these 5 natural remedies with chiropractic adjustments may be the most effective solution for relieving severe ankle pain.

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