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Back Pain

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Back Pain | New Life Chiropractic and Wellness Center

Back pain is an all too common affliction. Chronic pain affects your quality of life, limiting activities, affecting work and interfering with family life. In some cases, back pain can contribute to depression over time.

Did you know at least 31 million Americans suffer from lower back pain every day? According to the American Chiropractic Association, back pain is:

One of the most common reasons people miss work

Is the leading cause of disability in the world

Affects half of the American workforce 

Costs Americans $50 billion a year

Why Does My Back Hurt All The Time?

One of the tricky things about back pain is trying to discover the cause of it. There are so many reasons you may be experiencing back pain, and often, it can be difficult to find the source or cause. Many people go to their general practitioner for relief, only to be sent home with nothing but a prescription. Unless there has been a recent, specific injury, a doctor may not know why your back hurts, which can be frustrating.

Some of the common causes of back pain are:
Poor posture

Injury to the muscle (you may or may not be aware of the injury)

Old injury not healing properly

Overuse, strain

Bad mattress

Poor ergonomics at work


Being overweight

These are just some of the factors that can contribute to back pain. You may be able to relate to more than one item on the list. For example, you may have an old sports injury from high school or college that has been exacerbated by lack of an ergonomic workspace and a mattress that doesn't support you properly.

What Are The Symptoms Of Back Pain

Back pain is not always straightforward. It can be difficult to pinpoint the source of the pain, and sometimes, back injury or strain doesn't cause pain at all. Here are some common and not so well-known symptoms to look out for:

Actual pain at the site – This may be a dull ache, or a sharp pain.

Stiffness – Your normal range of motion is limited, or movement is difficult and causes pain.

Head and neck pain

Unexplained dizziness

Numbness or tingling – This can be in different parts of the body, most often hands or feet.

It is not uncommon for people to experience a back injury and not even know it. You may live with intermittent symptoms (e.g. stiffness, numbness, and headaches) for years and not realize it’s a back injury.

How Can I Relieve Back Pain?

If you suspect an injury, or you are experiencing back pain or any of the other symptoms listed above, you may benefit from a visit to a chiropractor. General doctors often don't have the time or the experience to properly diagnose back problems, deal with the root cause and begin treatment. They are more likely to treat symptoms in the moment, which usually means medication.

A chiropractor, on the other hand, helps treat the causes of back pain, alleviating symptoms and keeping your body aligned and healthy. Many people are surprised by the difference they feel in their overall health after seeing a chiropractor. Problems with the back can affect the entire body, causing fatigue, general soreness throughout the body and headaches. In many cases, people who have been suffering from back pain are able to get significant relief, eliminating the need for strong medication.

If you are in the Amarillo, Texas area, and seeking relief from chronic back pain, contact New Life Chiropractic and make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Ian Kelly. He will work hard to help relieve your back pain now, and into the future so you can enjoy a pain-free life. 

Pins and needles, cold and numb; descriptive words for a symptom of many root causes. Suffering with numbness and tingling in your body is never a pleasant experience and while many may deal with these symptoms, you may be unaware of what exactly is causing this reaction in your body.

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