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Recent Reviews

Cindy Brubbs
Dr. Kelly is simply amazing! He keeps me going and moving. With his help, I am better able to manage my pain. Of the 30 plus years, that I've received chiropractic treatment, Dr. Kelly's methods have provided the most relief! Not only does he improve my quality of life, but he does this for my horses, dogs, and cats as well. Our lives are much better, with Dr. Kelly's touch, literally!

Paul Shrogin
Dr. Kelly is one of the most skilled and caring people that I have ever met. He has helped me in so many ways! If you are struggling I encourage you to seek him out. He takes the time to understand you and your specific needs. With Dr. Kelly you are in good hands!

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New Life Chiropractic and Wellness Center

Dr. Ian Kelly Cares About Your Health
Health is a state of mind and it is you who has to make the decision that you want to be healthy because ultimately, the one person who cares about your health the most is you.

Dr. Ian Kelly, Your Amarillo Chiropractor, can get you only so far with chiropractic adjustments and getting you in the proper alignment, but it is what you do with this that will define your health. Dr. Kelly can help you, but only you can go all the way.

New Referral Free Assessment
New patients that are referred by an existing patient will receive a free assessment from Amarillo Chiropractor.

Referring Patient
Free Assessment
Referring patient will receive a free adjustments if their referral becomes a patient after the free assessment.

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